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Nicaragua is rich with surf. Trade winds caused by Lake Nicaragua offer 330 days of offshore winds. With glassy conditions prevalent, swell direction and size are the only factors. Local Treasure Surf offers exploration charters to the spots specified and will help make every day with us as memorable and fulfilling as possible. Our crew knows the region, what swell direction and size works best given the tidal flow for the day, so you are given the opportunity to surf the best conditions possible. You can choose your own adventure with Local Treasure Surf because we customize each trip based on the conditions at hand and our guests’ criteria.

  1. Los Suenos – A long, hollow left point on the south side of La Flor. Best during mid tides. Gets going at 4 feet.
  2. Pochote – A very long right point that never exceeds much over a couple feet overhead but throws considerably with increasing swell size. Only works on strong north and northwest swells. Boat access only.
  3. La Flor – A turtle preserve. Beachbreak on the north end and Los Senos to the south. Boat and car access.
  4. Playa Yankee – Superb beachbreak that acts like a left point on the Southside. Wash sweeps over and makes for a consistent take off. Best with S and SW swell on an incoming tide. Can handle plenty of size despite what the locals may say.
  5. Primary Colors – Very fickle point break on the north end of Playa Yankee. Best during low tide although it will work all day with the right swell direction and size. Needs a good amount of juice but can be one of the most amazing waves on the coast when firing. Boat and car access.
  6. Playa Hermosa – 2 miles of A-framed beachbreak. Best at two to five feet on a medium swell. Fairly consistent spot working with most swell directions. Boat access only.
  7. Playa Tamarindo – Beachbreak on the south side and in the middle of the beach with a right point on the north end that breaks around a headland. Best on a small to medium swell on the incoming tide.
  8. Playa Remanso – Fairly poor break most of the time although it will surprise you with huge swell that causes the rest of the coast to close out.
  9. San Juan del Sur – Poor beachbreak along the entire harbor although north in front of the river mouth offers the best potential for waves and ear infections.
  10. Playa Madera, Maderas – Good beachbreak at four to six feet. Consistent, depending on swell direction and size lefts or rights roll in. Best during the two hours before and after high tide. Very popular among locals and tends to be very crowded for these parts. Boat and car access.
  11. Panga Drops – Poor beachbreak along the entire harbor although north in front of the river mouth offers the best potential for waves and ear infections.
  12. Playa Manzanillo – Great left point on a decent swell. Best on mid tide. Boat access only.
  13. Playa Gigante – Hollow beachbreak on the north end of the beach. Best on the incoming tide. Boat and car access.
  14. Popoyo – One of the best knows waves in Nicaragua. A good A-frame over a lava shelf. Long left with a shorter right. Breaks on all tides
  15. Findyerown – Before somebody else does!

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