Surfing :: Charters

All charters depart 2 hours before high tide to take advantage of the best conditions. Capacity is 8 surfers.

Enjoy prevailing offshore winds and warm water barrels with no crowds. Consistent point breaks, beach breaks, reef breaks, lefts and rights.

SANCHO, our 30 foot center console turbo gets you to the surf fast and allows you to hit multiple breaks in the same session. Enjoy the session with your friends in the boat and no one else while you still can!

Target Popoyo, Maderas, Yanke’, Hermosa, Remanso, Colorado, Panga Drops, Cavenaughs, and other unexplored waves along the scenic coast.

See what the magazines continue to rant and rave about. See that un-named wave for yourself – up close and in person!

Don’t waste valuable surf time creeping along the coast in a local panga – get to your favorite break quickly and in style!

Reserve your surfing charter now!