Real Estate :: Development Updates

  1. LTI has 5 Custom Homes completed. A total of 15 lots remain for sale. Each lot will be developed and customized by their respective owners into a luxury home.
  2. Additional water well is completed (total of 3).
  3. Final architectural plans for the bungalows are completed and construction has begun.
  4. Work is proceeding on the Pacific Coast Road that will link San Juan Del Sur to the Costa Rica border. If you were travelling from Costa Rica, Costa Paraiso would be the first resort that you would come to.
  5. Ostional now has paved roads and sidewalks and they continue to pave the road from there.
  6. To complement the homebuilding effort, Local Treasure International has an onsite woodshop where we custom build cabinets, closets, doors, windows, and furniture.
  7. Costa Paraíso is now fully functional with water, electricity and sewage services available throughout the property.
  8. The oceanfront sales office in San Juan del Sur is located along the main beach drag and is open to the public offering real estate services and fishing/surfing charters.

Two major external factors factors that we are watching closely:

  1. The paving of the road from SJDS to the Costa Rica border
  2. The opening of a tourist only border crossing just miles from Costa Paraiso